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Calibration block

  1. Type: Double  radius
  2. Material: Steel
  3. SDH: 1.5 mm

Calibration parameters

Reference level: 80% FSH

Tolerance: 5% FSH


  • All Silverlight exercises require the Silverlight plug-in for your web browser
  • The exercise is only active in full-screen mode


  1. Put the exercise in full-screen mode using the red button on the bottom right corner of the exercise
  2. Click on the probe and move it until you obtain a signal from the SDH
  3. Using your mouse, adjust the gate to cover the signal

    • Click and hold on either end to resize it
    • Click and hold on the center of the gate to move it up and down (threshold)

  4. Click on the probe and move it to peak the signal
  5. Using the up and down arrows in the Gain window, adjust the amplitude to the Reference Level given in the parameters
  6. Click on Validate
  7. Click on Reset to restart the exercise