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Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) is a manual welding technique that uses electrodes coated with flux.

  1. The SMAW circuit is as follow:

    • The parts to be welded
    • The welding machine
    • The workpiece cable
    • The workpiece clamp
    • The electrode cable
    • The electrode holder
    • The electrode

  2. The electrode is composed of:

    • Metal filler
    • Flux coating

  3. The SMAW welding process is as follow:

    • The electrode is brushed against the part to be welded to start the arc. The disintegration of the flux produces a shielding gas which protects the weld puddle against the oxygen present in the atmosphere
    • The heat generated by the arc melts the base metal and the metal in the electrode forming a puddle
    • As the electrode is moved forward, the metal solidifies
    • As a result of the disintegration of the flux coating, slag forms on top of the solidified metal and must be removed especially if another pass is needed

Because of the simplicity of its equipment and process, SMAW is one of the most popular welding technique in the world, especially for maintenance and repairs.