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Content & Objectives

Section 3: Evaluation

  • B-Scan perspective
  • Lateral wave, backwall and mode-converted backwall signals
  • Effect of beam spread on depth and the backwall signal
  • Indication classification, probe position vs. height, angle vs. height
  • Geometrical indications, double-V welds, pipes misalignment, different wall thickness
  • Data quality, calibration, basic analysis, detailed analysis
  • Signal start, grouping, point-like indications
  • Height and depth, top-surface breaking, bottom-surface breaking, embedded
  • Length and position, parabolic shape, elongated and curved
  • Interactive viewer, top-surface breaking, bottom-surface breaking, embedded
  • Interactive exercises on setup, beam index calibration, scanning, data analysis
  • Section’s test
Interactive Exercices13
Section's Test1