Dashboard PAUT / Section 2: Phasing / Chapter 7: Calibration

Velocity Calibration How-to


This video explains how to do the 0-degree Velocity Calibration exercise. It can also be found in the Help section.

  • All Silverlight exercises require the Silverlight plug-in for your web browser
  • The exercise is only active in full-screen mode 


  1. Read the information available on the right side of the screen
  2. Put the exercise in full-screen mode using the button on the bottom right corner of the exercise
  3. Enter the thickness of the part
  4. Enter the chosen VPA
  5. Click on the probe and lower it down to the part
  6. Adjust the parameters of Gate A so it is over the first backwall echo
  7. Press the Accept button
  8. Adjust the parameters of Gate A so it is over the second backwall echo
  9. Press the Accept button
  10. Press the Validate button
  11. The Back button can be used to erase the last step
  12. If the answer is correct the button Skip turns green. If not, it remains yellow. Press Reset to start the exercise over