Dashboard PAUT / Section 2: Phasing / Chapter 4: Basic Theory

Producing PAUT


If 8 elements are fired, the PAUT A-Scan is composed of 8 conventional A-Scans:

  1. The firing delay for each element is calculated to obtain a beam at the desired angle
  2. The pulser/receivers are fired in the right sequence
  3. Each element produces its ultrasound wave. They all interact together to produce a wave front
  4. The pulser/receivers are placed in listening mode for a period of time corresponding to the range needing to be inspected
  5. The pulser/receivers transfer the signals to the digitizers
  6. The signals are synchronized using the same delays as for firing
  7. The signals are added together to create one A-Scan
  8. The composite A-Scan is amplified and displayed